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Vacheron & Constantin Round Automatic 6038 in 18K Yellow Gold Sold by Tiffany & Co.

Vacheron & Constantin is a member of the Big Three, a prestigious designation given to the most influential Swiss watchmakers, which also includes PP and AP. Mechanical contributions from the Big Three have revolutionized an array of industries. This oversized Vacheron Calatrava bears a double stamped dial, which includes the famed Tiffany & Co. designation. These types of dials are widely collectible due to their rarity. The overall condition of the watch is marvelous.

Article No: 7155CZZMMOC
Model: Round
Year: 1950

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Vacheron & Constantin Round with Van Cleef Lugs in 18K Yellow Gold

Elegant and interesting looking Vacheron Constantin cased in a yellow gold case fitted with the always cool 'Van Cleef" lugs. This watch hails from 1958 and is powered by a manual movement that keeps perfect time.

Article No: 2708DSCMMDC
Model: Round with Van Cleef Lugs
Year: 1958

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Vacheron & Constantin Gilt Mirror Dial

The comfort of wearing this watch is second to none. Its 39mm 18K yellow gold case is super thin, which accommodates it perfectly on the wrist. Its black gilt dial has a beautiful gloss to it. Vintage Vacheron’s are arguably some of the most elegant watches out there and this one is no exception.

Article No: 6452STZMMU
Model: Round Case

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